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himekuri, Cat, 2024 Sticky Note Calendar

himekuri, Cat, 2024 Sticky Note Calendar

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In addition to enjoying various cat designs, it is finished with illustrations that you can feel various seasons in a year, such as snow, hydrangea, and moon viewing.

<Features of "himekuri">
- The colour (background colour) changes every week. You can tell from the change of colour at a glance. ( Patented)
- Throughout 366 days, the design changes every day, so you can enjoy turning it every day without getting bored.
- All 365 sheets have been made as sticky notes.
- The sticky notes can be reused in various ways instead of throwing it away.
- Use the sticky notes in various ways.  For example:

  • Place them in your notebook to create your own personal organizer, 
  • Use as the date of Bullet Journal, 
  • For decorating notebooks and diaries, 
  • Stick on food packaging to record the opening date
  • Use as bookmarks for books

"Himekuri" is a new type of desk calendar that won the Award in the Functional Category of the Japan Stationery Award in 2018.

- Supervised by Stationery Planner 福島槙子
- Illustration: もっち
- Calendar mount size: 50x210mm 
- Sticky note size: 38x25mm 
- Material: paper
- Dates from January 1, 2024 to January 5, 2025

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