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himekuri, Memory, 2024 Sticky Note Calendar

himekuri, Memory, 2024 Sticky Note Calendar

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A photo calendar that shows the seasons, events, and daily life scenery. Light and warm photos that colour your days. 

Since the pictures of the sticky notes are all designed to be standalone, each one can be used as a date sticker on its own.

<Features of "himekuri">
- The colour (background colour) changes every week. You can tell from the change of colour at a glance. ( Patented)
- Throughout 366 days, the design changes every day, so you can enjoy turning it every day without getting bored.
- All 365 sheets have been made as sticky notes.
- The sticky notes can be reused in various ways instead of throwing it away.
- Use the sticky notes in various ways.  For example:

  • Place them in your notebook to create your own personal organizer, 
  • Use as the date of Bullet Journal, 
  • For decorating notebooks and diaries, 
  • Stick on food packaging to record the opening date
  • Use as bookmarks for books
"Himekuri" is a new type of desk calendar that won the Award in the Functional Category of the Japan Stationery Award in 2018.

    - Calendar mount size: 50x210mm 
    - Sticky note size: 38x25mm 
    - Material: paper
    - Dates from January 1, 2024 to January 5, 2025

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