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Shinnippon Calendar, 2024 Sora Daily Calendar (宙の日めくりカレンダー)

Shinnippon Calendar, 2024 Sora Daily Calendar (宙の日めくりカレンダー)

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Sora Daily Calendar is a calendar with discoveries every time you turn a page.

The calendar was awarded "Bronze Award" in German International Calendar Exhibition in 2018

In the middle of the page, there is a large “moon shape” design for each day.  When you turn over one page, the moon seems to look the same as yesterday with subtle difference. You can also faintly see the next day through the page, which is unique to the old-fashioned thin daily calendar paper. Please enjoy how the moon gradually changes through each day.

You can access the "Sora Daily Calendar Web Column" on days with a QR code on the top right of the page.

- Box size: 203 x 128 x 25mm
- Calendar size: 185 x 120mm

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