Collection: Kaweco

Kaweco is a German brand of fountain pens and other writing instruments.

Established since 1883, the manufacturing process and quality control still lay in the skilled hands in Nuremberg, a city rich with tradition and appreciation for writing instruments. Their fountain pen is famous for high quality, attention to details and refined craftsmanship.

We hold various series of Kaweco products. The main series are briefly introduced below:


In 1911 a pocket-sized fountain pen which could be carried everywhere was created. It only measures 10.5 cm when closed, but it grows to a standard-sized pen when the cap is reattached on top of the barrel. Back then, the pen was advertised to the well-dressed society, and sportsmen were targeted, hence the name Sport.

The series offers classic and historical colours with a gold-plated nib, golden logo cap, and golden logo embossing. With its timeless design and the most modern mechanisms, Kaweco Sport remains the most popular model of the brand.


Kaweco Sport made with high-quality aluminium. Aluminium is refined to obtain its satin finish and hardened surface. The metallic body provides an unique haptic experience. Its fine surface imparts elegance and the low weight makes it ideal while on the go.


A more contemporary version of  Kaweco Sport. The pens feature silver accents, such as Kaweco embossed company name and a silver metal logo on top of the cap. The series offers both trendy colours as well as classic ones, taking the Kaweco Sport to new heights.


Unique just like art – No two writing instruments in the Kaweco Art Sport series are alike.

In an elaborate process, high-quality acrylic rods are cast in outstanding colour combinations and structures. This creates unique patterns, which make each fountain pen one of a kind. Via CNC process, the iconic sports model is produced from the acrylic and polished by hand to high gloss.

The exciting patterns create a stunning depth, which makes each writing instrument to an eyecatcher on every desk. The permanently mounted clip allows the fountain pen to be carried securely with you or fixed to the writing surface. The exclusive material and fascinating colour variants of the Kaweco Art Sport fountain pens make collectors’ hearts beat faster.

Note: Due to the process of hand polishing the surface, the size of the pen itself may vary between 12 cm and 13 cm.


Iconic models are adapted to the latest trends.

Kaweco experiment with modern, unique colour variants, test materials and also change up exquisite details, in order to offer collectors' community and other design enthusiasts everchanging unique products. The Kaweco Collection logo can be seen on every writing instrument, and as such serves as a distinct distinguishing feature.

New Kaweco Collection writing instruments are available for a limited time only. In the case of particularly popular variants, there is an option for them to become part of Kaweco standard range in an adapted way.