Japan Stationery Shop Award 2024 (文房具屋さん大賞2024)

Japan Stationery Shop Award 2024 (文房具屋さん大賞2024)

The Japan "Stationery Shop Award" started in 2013, and this is the 12th year. This year, 13 popular stationery stores gathered and examined new stationery products released in the past year. From around 1600 pieces of nominated products, they grant awards including an Overall Grand Award, Design Award, as well as various categories such as Stickers, Fountain Pens etc.

What have the professionals selected this year? Don't miss out on these awarded stationeries and check them out in Circle Tape!

(Ref: https://www.fusosha.co.jp/special/bunbougu/)

Design Award: Uni-Ball ONE P (Mitsubishi Pencil)

Available here: https://circletape.com/en/products/uni-ball-one-p-black-ink-0-38mm-0-5mm

Fountain Pen Award: #3776 Century, Uroko-Gumo (鱗雲), Fuji Unkei (富士雲景)  (PLATINUM)


Available here: https://circletape.com/en/products/limited-edition-platinum-uroko-gump-fuji-unkei-3776-century-fountain-pen-ef-f-nib

Pouch and Bag Award: Knitted Book Band with Pockets (midori)

Available here: https://circletape.com/en/products/midori-two-tone-light-blue-knitted-book-band-with-pockets-a6-b6

Stamp Award: Paintable Stamp Penetration Type Half Size (midori)

Available here: https://circletape.com/en/products/midori-bear-speech-balloon-paintable-stamp-penetration-type-half-size

Kumazawa Award: Shachi-iro Iromoyo Kousai Ink Pad (いろもよう光彩) (Shachihata)

Available Here: https://circletape.com/en/products/shachihata-iromoyo-kousai-ink-pad-63x40mm

Hands Award: hocoro Dip Pen, Barrel + Medium Nib (SAILOR)

Available Here: https://circletape.com/en/products/sailor-hocoro-dip-pen-barrel-medium-nib

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