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uni-ball ONE P, Black Ink, 0.38mm/0.5mm

uni-ball ONE P, Black Ink, 0.38mm/0.5mm

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"uni-ball one P'" is a new model based on the concept of "high-quality feel that fits in your hand" and combines a minimalist and cute form with a high-quality writing experience.

The "P" in the product name comes from "Pocket" to represent that you will want to take with you in your pocket wherever you go.

The short, thick, rounded shape and subtle matte coloring give it an adorable look that will add solace to your daily life. In addition, even though the pen is short, it has been designed with the optimal size and weight to fit in the palm of your hand, and the pen tip is equipped with a metal stabilizer mechanism, giving it a high-quality writing experience inherited from the "uni-ball one" series. 

  • Pen body color:
    (Tip Size 0.38mm)Mandarin Orange, Coffee, Soda, Peach, Mint
    (Tip Size 0.5mm) Banana, Yoghurt, Grape
  • Ink Color: Black
  • Suitable Refill (sold separately): UMR-38SUMR-05S
  • Made in Japan
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