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Ferris Wheel Press, Seaside Glass, Nothing Left Fether Notebook

Ferris Wheel Press, Seaside Glass, Nothing Left Fether Notebook

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Each notebook features 176 pages of FSC certified acid-free dot grid paper, perfect for your next brilliant idea. Feel the difference in the luxurious vegan leather cover, which withstands the test of your everyday adventures. The ultra soft Fether™ material is self-healing, scratch resistant, and cruelty free.

Once Upon a Design

For the task-oriented mind, productivity is always a priority and striking tasks off as complete is one of life's greatest joys. Whether you're a student who is trying to stay organized, an entrepreneur building a start-up, a parent with a long grocery list, or all of the above, this list-shaped journal is created for those who thrive on making and checking off to-do lists. Organize, prioritize, and execute all the tasks of your daily routine until your list has nothing left!

Each colour of notebook features it’s very own hand chosen quote – how will yours inspire your journey?

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