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Ferris Wheel Press, The Carousel Inkwell - Modern Antiques

Ferris Wheel Press, The Carousel Inkwell - Modern Antiques

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Bring joy and wonder to your desk – This magical glass vessel is unlike anything you've ever seen, transport to a world of wonder every time you put pen to paper.

At the heart of this modern antique lies a charming glass vessel, poised atop a tented metal cap. An experience like no other – with a gentle spin of the Carousel, the inkwell springs to life, blending your most charming inks in a mesmerizing display.

Whether you're a calligraphy enthusiast or simply looking for a tool to spark your creativity, the Carousel Inkwell is the perfect inspiration for your next masterpiece.

Inkwells may exhibit slight blemishes under the cap, which are inherent to the manufacturing process. Rest assured, these variations have no impact on the inkwell's performance.

Three functional positions:

  1. Store - keep capped when not in use, ready for your next idea
  2. Stir - place the glass atop the tented cap and gently spin to mix your ink
  3. Savour - 2 angled latching positions so you never miss a drop!


Inkwell Measurements:

  • Height - 26.5mm
  • Width/Diameter - 43.5mm
  • Interior Diameter - 37mm
  • Height with Tent - 39mm
  • Glass wall Thickness - 3mm

Once upon a Design:

Our goal in designing the Carousel Inkwell was simple: to create a beautifully functional tool that elevates the experience and enjoyment of fountain pen inks.

The Carousel Inkwell is not only a functional tool, but the most joyous expression of our design philosophy embodying the spirit of Ferris Wheel Press.

Our mission began after our own insatiable search for a functional inkwell. We started sketching countless ideas, exploring all different shapes, silhouettes, and rotational mechanisms. Using 3D modelling and printing, we tested and refined our designs, perfecting the internal and external geometries to ensure the best possible results for mixing ink.

After two years of endless experimentation, we have created The Carousel Inkwell, a tool that represents the joy of the carnival and the essence of Ferris Wheel Press.

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