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kamiterior, Gray (ぐれー), memoterior mini Cat Pattern(ねこもよう)

kamiterior, Gray (ぐれー), memoterior mini Cat Pattern(ねこもよう)

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A small memopad that is designed with inspiration from the colour and pattern of cats's fur. 10 different kinds of paper with 10 sheets each are bundled in the small pad.

The 100 sheets of paper created a beautiful cross section on the side of the memo pad. The pink paper of the 2nd and 10th rows represent the cat's ears and paws~

Also, there are different texture and writing feel for each type of paper. There is a record of the types of paper inside the memo pad.

It is made with special binding, so that even if you tear off a piece of paper in the middle of the pad, the memo pad will not fall apart.

- Product size: H90✕W60✕D18mm
- Material: Paper
- Number of sheets: 10 types x 10 sheets (100 sheets)
- Made in Japan

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