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Kaweo COLLECTION, Iridescent Pearl, Fountain Pen

Kaweo COLLECTION, Iridescent Pearl, Fountain Pen

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Kaweco Sport in an iridescent pearl optic

The Kaweco Iridescent Pearl – a fountain pen in an unimagined variety of colours: Depending on the viewer's angle of vision and the incident light, the writing instrument shines in an uniquely shimmering colour scheme. Imitating the optical effect of a pearl, the translucent material of the fountain pen shines in colours ranging from green-bluish to pink.

The packaging of the fountain pen is suitably designed with iridescent foil. Its optic mimics the streaks occurring through the pigments in the pen's plastic, contributing to the unique look. The pen features silver-coloured elements such as lettering, logo cap and nib, reflecting its cool look.

All nibs and the entire fountain pen are made in Germany. It contains a Royal Blue ink cartridge as standard.

*Kaweco Collection items are available in the Kaweco range limited in time.

- Include one fountain pen in paper case, one ink cartridge 
- Material Colour: Transparent
- Material: Plastic
- Weight: 10.7g
- Length opened: 13cm
- Length closed: 10.5cm
- Ink colour: Royal Blue
- Suitable accessories (sold separately): Kaweco Mini Converter SPORT, Kaweco Clip Nostalgie SPORT 

Kaweco SPORT

In 1911 something remarkable by the name of Kaweco Sport was created. The pocket-sized fountain pen only measures 10.5 cm when closed; therefore, you can easily take it anywhere. With the cap attached, it grows to an average size of 13 cm.


Iconic models are adapted to the latest trends.

Kaweco experiment with modern, unique colour variants, test materials and also change up exquisite details, in order to offer collectors' community and other design enthusiasts everchanging unique products. The Kaweco Collection logo can be seen on every writing instrument, and as such serves as a distinct distinguishing feature.

New Kaweco Collection writing instruments are available for a limited time only. In the case of particularly popular variants, there is an option for them to become part of Kaweco standard range in an adapted way.


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