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World Craft, Heart, Kira Kira Masking Tape 5mm

World Craft, Heart, Kira Kira Masking Tape 5mm

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Cute design of hears arranged side-by-side.  You can cut out the hearts and used one by one, or used as a row of heart as a tape.

The gorgeous shine of the gold foil makes this masking tape a gorgeous stationery item to decorate your notebooks, notebooks, and letters.

The "Kira Kira Masking Tape 5mm" is a very popular series of tape. The gold foil has a lovely glittering shine.  Glitter Masking Tape is now available in 5mm width. The slim tape makes it suitable for use in schedules and journals.  15 patterns are available.

- Entire roll
- Size: 5mm wide x 5m long
- Material: paper, foil

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