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KOKUYO, Dotliner Tape Glue, Refillable Type, 8.4mm x 16m

KOKUYO, Dotliner Tape Glue, Refillable Type, 8.4mm x 16m

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The glue is in tape form, so it is not sticky, does not need time to dry, and does not stain your hands or surroundings. Because the glue is not wet, the paper will not wrinkle, and the finish is beautiful!

A roller is used at the tip of the tape. The light, smooth pull and secure gluing ensures smooth operation.

Acid-free glue is used to prevent acid that causes discoloration of photos and paper. Ideal for scrapbooking.

ACID FREE: Defined as products that suppress acids that cause photo and paper deterioration, based on KOKUYO's standards. Non-solvent glue is used in consideration of the environment. The case is made of recycled resin and is an Eco Mark certified product. 

Refill is available here.

Country of manufacture: Thailand
Material / component: Recycled ABS / Recycled PS
W76 x H117 x D24mm

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