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KOKUYO, Saxa Scissors, Titanium Finish Non-Adhesive

KOKUYO, Saxa Scissors, Titanium Finish Non-Adhesive

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The scissors can be used to cut a million times*. A long durable pair of scissors with Titanium finish processing. From plastic bags to cardboard boxes, it can be cut easily and freely!
*Tested by KOKUYO using 64g/sqm paper.

Light cutting feeling
SAXA air elastic scissors are equipped with HYBRID-ARCH compound arc cutting blade, enhancing cutting smoothness up to 4 times※!
Together with the tip of the knife, the curvature of the overall blade increases as it gets closer to the tip, thereby achieving a comfortable and brisk cutting experience!

3D Anti-adhesive Structure Blade
"3D Anti-adhesive structure" minimizes the contact part of the inside of the scissors blade as much as possible, so that it is not easy to get glue when cutting the tape.

Super lightweight
The weight of the main body is reduced by about 20%!

- Dimensions: Thickness/1.5, Overall Dimensions/174x75mm (excluding storage cover), Blade Length/65mm

Notes: ※Not suitable for children under 5 years old.


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