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Kuretake, Glitter, Rame no Moto (ラメの素), Ink Cafe

Kuretake, Glitter, Rame no Moto (ラメの素), Ink Cafe

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Simply add to any ink and turn it into glittering ink.

If you add a small amount of "Rame no Moto" to the ink you have, you can add a pearly or glitter-like sparkle to the ink.

You can also use dark paper and use the Rame no Moto to enjoy the glitter.

You can enjoy it with a glass pen, a dip pen, or a brush!

Water pigment 20g

★Can be used with both★
Water-based dye ink + Rame no Moto
Water-based pigment ink + Rame no Moto

Rame no Moto (20g)
・1 dropper
・1 muddler
· Instructions

※ Please note:
・Do not put ink mixed with "Rame no Moto" into a fountain pen.
・Please refrain from using it with Kuretake Empty Pens. Problems such as ink not coming out may occur.

The product is awarded the "Judge's Special Award" in a Japan Stationery Award  文房具屋さん大賞2022」.

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