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Kuretake, Wooden Glass Pen and Pen Rest, SenbonZakura (千本桜), Fine / Medium Nib

Kuretake, Wooden Glass Pen and Pen Rest, SenbonZakura (千本桜), Fine / Medium Nib

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"Kuretake Wood Glass Pen Senbonzakura" is carefully crafted one by one, with a wooden shaft made of natural Sakura tree from Mt. Yoshino in Nara Prefecture of Japan.

120 years since the birth of the glass pen

Glass pen is said to have been developed by a Japanese wind chime craftsman in 1902, a Japanese-born writing instrument.
At the same time, Kuretake Co., Ltd. was founded in 1902. The Kuretake Wood Glass Pen Senbonzakura is the writing instruments chosen to celebrate their 120th anniversary.

The transparent and beautiful form of the glass nib is made by glass artist Yoshitaka Tajima (田嶋嘉隆氏) (Fukui Prefecture, Studio Kasho スタジオ嘉硝). Glass pens are writing utensils that can only be produced completely by hand by craftsmen. 

Natural cherry blossoms on Mt. Yoshino

The wood used for the shaft is natural Sakura tree from Mt. Yoshino. Mt. Yoshino is registered as a World Heritage Site.
Since 1,300 years ago, the Sakura trees on Mt. Yoshino have been banned for logging, unless only for the purpose of conservation.
In 2018, the typhoon has caused a large number of the Yoshino Sakura tree fell and destroyed. Kuretake, headquartered in Yoshino, Nara Prefecture, thought they could develop a product that uses the Sakura tree so that a second life is given to the tree in another form.  Therefore they use the tree as the shaft of the glass pen.  The wood shaft is carved from Yoshino Sakura tree, and you can feel the warmth of nature from it.

The wooden pen rest is also made of natural Sakura tree. It has a smooth shape that allows you to gently place the glass pen. Unique to natural wood, each piece has a different color and wood grain.

- Includes wood glass pen, wood pen rest, pen case
- Nib Size: Choice of Fine or Medium
- Pen Size: 15 dia ×145 mm (there might be slight variation as each one is made by hand)
- Package Size: 190×41×74 mm (Pen case with leather-like surface)
- Made in Japan

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