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Kuretake, ZIG Clean Color Real Brush, 48-Color Set

Kuretake, ZIG Clean Color Real Brush, 48-Color Set

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Brush type colored pen. It can be used for a wide range of purposes such as illustrations, designs, and comics.

Because it is a brush, you can color freely, such as fine drawing and solid painting.

Because it is a water-based dye ink, it is also excellent for expressing watercolor touches such as gradation and gradation using a blender or water brush pen.

  • Ink Type: Water-based dye Ink.  Fluorescent colors are water-based pigment inks/blenders are water-based inks
  • Include 48 brush pens
  • Colors:
    No.010 Black, No.021 Light Carmine, No.22 Carmine Red, No.023 Scarlet Red, No.024 Wine Red, No.025 Pink, No.026 Light Pink, No.028 Pale Pink, No.030 Blue, No .031 Cobalt Blue, No.032 Persian Blue, No.035 Deep Blue, No.036 Light Blue, No.037 Cornflower Blue, No.038 Peacock Blue, No.040 Green, No.041 Light Green, No.042 Turquoise Green, No.043 Olive Green, No.044 Deep Green, No.045 Pale Green, No.046 Mid Green, No.047 May Green, No.050 Yellow, No.051 Lemon Yellow, No.052 Bright Yellow, No.060 Brown, No.061 Light Brown, No.062 Dark Brown, No.063 Ocher, No.064 Oatmeal, No.065 Mid Brown, No.066 Dark Oatmeal, No.067 Mustard, No.070 Orange, No .071 Natural Beige, No.072 Beige, No.080 Violet, No.081 Light Violet, No.082 Purple, No.083 Lilac, No.090 Gray, No.091 Light Gray, No.092 Blue Gray, No. 093 Green Gray, No.094 Gray Brown, No.095 Dark Gray, No.096 Mid Gray
  • Outer package size: 160x162x58mm
  • Made in Japan

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