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[Limited Edition] MD Notebook Light, A5, Grid 7-Color Set

[Limited Edition] MD Notebook Light, A5, Grid 7-Color Set

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This is a limited edition for midori's 70th anniversary.  A set of 7 MD notebook light (gridded) in 7 different colors.

The grids are in 5mm format in 7 colors, being deep red, green, blue, deep blue, purple, brown and yellow.  The grid color matches the color of the thread in the center which binds the notebook.  The unique grid is a modern take on traditional Japanese grid paper.

The set is put in a protector specially made with MD Paper.  The protector is in a minimalistic design and would also make a great gift.

As an MD Paper product, it is well known for its great quality paper. The notebook is made in Japan and focuses on paper quality and writer's comfort.

The MD paper is designed such that ink would not bleed through easily and would not come off either.  MD paper was first developed in Japan in the 1960s, and is continuously refined over the years to enhance the writing feel on the paper. The diary book is made using the thread binding technique, which makes the pages both robust and easy to open.

  • Page Format: Gridded
  • 64 pages x 7 colors
  • Center Sewn Binding
  • Package Material: Recycled PET, Paper, MD PAPER
  • Package: H216×W153×D36mm / Notebook: H210×W148×D5mm
  • Made in Japan


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