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[Limited Edition] midori, Gate, Kyo-ori, 5-Year Diary

[Limited Edition] midori, Gate, Kyo-ori, 5-Year Diary

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To commemorate the 10th anniversary of the launch of the Multi-Year Diary "Gate", this special edition of the "5-Year Diary" use the textiles that was carefully hand-woven by craftspeople in Kyoto, who carry on the tradition of Nishijin brocade weaving.

What is "Kyo-ori"?

"Kyo-ori" uses the techniques of Nishijin-ori textiles while adopting a more free approach that reflects today's norms. Each piece is carefully hand-woven by experienced Kyoto-based craftspeople. Now you can admire the history and traditions of these beautiful yarn-dyed textiles every day on the cover of your diary.

Multi-Year Diary "Gate"

The diary format is the same as the existing Multi-Year Diary "Gate".

This is a 5-year diary.  By 5-year diary, it means each page is for one day, say 1st of January, with 5 rows, each row for one year.  So when you write your diary in the second year, you can see how you were doing the same day last year by referring to the previous row and so on.  It is so much fun to write your diary while reading your memories.  Meeting yourself again, reminding yourself of what might have been forgotten, grow with time, and use the diary with love and happiness for 5 years.

Start each month like opening a gate!  Each month begins with a page with a gate, and the design of the gate for each month is different.  Same for the month index motif on the side of the page.  

MD Paper

The paper used in the diary is MD paper, on which ink would not bleed through easily and would not come off either.  MD paper was first developed in Japan in the 1960s, and is continuously refined over the years to enhance the writing feel on the paper. The diary book is made using the thread binding technique, which makes the pages both robust and easy to open.

- Case: H192 x W120 x D30mm / Gold-foil Stamping
- Product: H185 x W117 x D25mm
- Cover : "Kyo-ori" Cloth with Gold-foil Stamping
- Diary : MD PAPER, 366 pages, 6mm ruled line, with 3 pages of appendix, Thread binding, 2 bookmark strings
- Made in Japan

Also available as 3-year diary.

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