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MD Notebook, A5, Lined A

MD Notebook, A5, Lined A

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This is an MD Paper product, which is well known for its great quality paper. The notebook is made in Japan and focuses on paper quality and writer's comfort.

It opens flat and is designed for functional beauty with no frills. It is made of MD PAPER (MIDORI Diary Paper), which has been developed for comfortable writing with a variety of writing instruments, from fountain pens to pencils. Not only its pages but the cover and flyleaf are also made of MD PAPER for the ultimate comfort during writing.

This is a 7mm lined type, with a thicker central line so that it can be used separately at the top and bottom.

  • Journal Page: 7mm Lined
  • 176 pages, with a bookmark string
  • Thread stitching
  • Index Sticker: 1 sheet
  • Package size: H210×W160×D10mm / Product size: H210×W148×D10mm
  • Made in Japan


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