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MD Notebook Journal, A5, Grid Block

MD Notebook Journal, A5, Grid Block

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This is an MD Paper product, which is well known for its great quality paper. The notebook is made in Japan and focuses on paper quality and writer's comfort.

The MD paper is designed such that ink would not bleed through easily and would not come off either.  MD paper was first developed in Japan in the 1960s, and is continuously refined over the years to enhance the writing feel on the paper. The diary book is made using the thread stitching technique, which makes the pages both robust and easy to open.

With this MD Notebook Journal, you can record your day to day like a diary. The eight segments across two pages allow you to arrange as you like, by theme, day, or week with a two-page spread (e.g. 7 days + memo). The grid format is great for those who want to organize and edit with diagrams as well as text.

With 192 pages, you can use this as a daily diary (one day per page) for six months or a weekly diary (one week per two-page spread) for two years. With the index stickers included, you can categorize your daily records.

  • Journal Page: Grid Block
  • 192 pages, with a bookmark string
  • Thread stitching
  • Index Sticker: 1 sheet
  • Package size: H210xW158xD11mm
    Notebook size: H210×W148×D11mm
  • Made in Japan 

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