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midori, Balloon, Wooden Whiteboard

midori, Balloon, Wooden Whiteboard

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This wooden whiteboard blends well with your interior design and it is convenient for
family messages.

This whiteboard has magnets, so you can attach it to a refrigerator and so on.  I also has a non-slippery rubber so you can place on the table and it would not move around.

Using the board marker, you can write on the whiteboard and wipe off as you wish.  It can be used repeatedly as memo, so it is environmentally friendly.

MDF Whiteboard with magnets, 1pc of board marker is included (Black:Φ9.5×125mm)
- (Package Size) H185×W136×D20mm 
- (Product Size) H73〜79×W95〜98×D8mm

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