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midori, Brown, Sticker Collection - Single Color

midori, Brown, Sticker Collection - Single Color

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Stickers for schedule planner, journal and diary.

With these peelable stickers, you can decorate and enhance your journal and schedule easily and enjoyably.  Because the stickers are removable, you can arrange the stickers at ease.

The stickers are designed in the same color tone, so you can stick a lot of stickers on the same page and it still gives a sense of unity.  You can also use a combination of colored pen markers, masking tape, etc. in the same color tone to decorate the page.

The sticker sheet has perforated line in the middle so it can be separated into two halves, so it is easier to carry it around.

  • Package Size: H180 × W89 × D1mm
  • Sticker Material: PET
  • Made in Japan

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