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midori, Diary with Stickers, Gray

midori, Diary with Stickers, Gray

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This diary comes with decorative stickers made of washi paper.  You can create beautiful pages by adding the stickers to your daily memories.  The pages are designed with wide margins so you can add the stickers easily.

The page spread is in weekly spread format with free dates, which allows you to write whenever you want, without the pressure of having to write every day.

The paper used in the diary is MD paper, on which ink would not bleed through easily and would not come off either.  MD paper was first developed in Japan in the 1960s, and is continuously refined over the years to enhance the writing feel on the paper. 

- Size:
(Package) H214×W150×D8mm
(Product) H210×W148×D7mm
(Sticker) H210×W303×D1mm 

- Material: Cloth cover, MD PAPER. 
- 116 pages
- 7mm ruled line
- 1 sheet of paper sticker
- PUR "Poly Urethane Reactive" glue binding with bookmark string
- Made in Japan

Also available in Yellow and Light Blue color.

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