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midori, Health Management, Paintable Stamp Penetration Type

midori, Health Management, Paintable Stamp Penetration Type

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An ink penetration type of stamp to liven up your days!

To create a colourful decoration to your journal, you can first stamp it, and then use a water-based marker pen to color up the stamped image without blurring it. Use the color pens from midori (sold here) which is designed specifically for colouring up these stamped images.

The stamp is pre-inked in black color so that you don't need an ink pad for it.  It is beautiful both as a simple black stamp and as a colorful decoration to your journal.

The stamp can be stamped around 1000 times.  When the ink starts running out, please refill with the midori refill ink sold separately here.

The midori Paintable Stamp has been awarded the first place in the Stamp Section of Stationery Award 2021 in Japan (文房具屋さん大賞).
  • Size:
    (Package size) H160×W85×D20mm 
    (Stamp) H61×W61×D19mm

  • Material: ABS, PE / Oil-based pigment black ink 

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