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midori, Heart, Sticky Note Film Mini

midori, Heart, Sticky Note Film Mini

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These semi-transparent sticky memo of film material can be sticked on paper or glass.

There are 10 patterns with 15 pieces each, totalling 150 pieces.  There are so many pieces that you can use as many as you need.

Here are some examples of how you can use these mini sticky notes:

・As a marker in planner, notebook and guidebook.
・As a sticker and you can write memo on it.
・As decoration for little items and gifts.
・At home party, as a marker on glasses

Use ballpen, pencil, oil-based sign-pen to write on the sticky note.  If you use water-based pen, please note that the ink may not dry easily.

・10 designs x 15 sheets
Package Size: H136 x W68 x D3mm 
Product Size: H80 x W52 x D2mm
Made in Japan

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