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midori, Notebook for Stamp Blue

midori, Notebook for Stamp Blue

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The paper used in this notebook is a thick type to prevent the ink from bleeding through to the back side of the paper.  

It is a modest 2mm grid ruled notebook and does not interfere with the stamp design.

The page size is just right for four "Paintable Stamp Pre-Inked". The triangle printed on the page serves as a guide for positioning the stamp.

The cover is folded in, so if you insert it between pages, you can prevent the ink from transferring to the next page, or used as a bookmark.

This notebook can also be used as a memorial stamp collection book.

- Size: (Package) H154×W157×D14mm
- Material: Paper / Foil stamping
- 1 page of title page / 59 pages / 2mm grid ruled
- Made in Japan

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