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midori, Whale Shark, Diary with Embroidered Bookmark

midori, Whale Shark, Diary with Embroidered Bookmark

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This diary comes with an embroidered bookmark of a whale shark, a lucky charm. 
The "Diary" side of the bookmark can be sticked onto the book spine.

The pages are in dot-grid format for two days per page and there are enough pages to write for a year. The diary is relatively small in size and easy to carry around.

The paper used in the diary is MD paper, on which ink would not bleed through easily and would not come off either.  MD paper was first developed in Japan in the 1960s, and is continuously refined over the years to enhance the writing feel on the paper. The diary book is made using the thread binding technique, which makes the pages both robust and easy to open.

- Size: (Package)

H162×W108×D12mm / (Diary) H156×W105×D11mm
- Material: Cloth cover / MD PAPER
- 192 pages in 4 different pattern designs for 384 days
- Dot grid
- Thread binding
- Includes 1 pc of embroidered bookmark sticker
- Made in Japan

Also available in other colors and other motif.

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