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midori, XS Stationery Kit White A

midori, XS Stationery Kit White A

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The XS series, bearing the name "Extra Small". This stationery kit contains six main items of the XS series is the world's smallest class with high functionality. The six items (scissors, stapler, correction tape, glue tape, cutter, and tape measure) are packaged in a lightweight, durable special case for easy storage and carrying.Package: H158 x W80 x D18mm 
  • Contents: XS Compact Scissors, XS Compact Stapler, XS Correction Tape, XS Glue Tape, XS Cutter, XS Measure <1.5m>
  • Case: Polyurethane + Polyester
  • Package: H171 x W106 x D24mm
  • Product: H82 x W105 x D36mm
  • Made in Japan

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