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Pentel, Brush Up Brush Sign Pen, 12 Colors Set

Pentel, Brush Up Brush Sign Pen, 12 Colors Set

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The set includes 12 brush pens.  The pen tip is specially designed so that you can apply different strength to it easily in writing, so that you can write in thin or bold lines, or a combination of both, with just one pen.

You can also apply deep colors on lighter color pen to create a gradation of different colors in your writing.  You can also paint the same color for several layers to create a gradation in depth.

Great for making illustration, modern calligraphy and lettering, and for decorating your journals.
  • Include 12 brush pens
  • Ink Type: Water-based dye Ink
  • Colors: Blue Violet, Burgundy, Grey Blue, Light Green, Light Grey, Navy Blue, Olive Green, Pale Blue, Pale Brown, Pale Pink, Pink Purple, Turquoise Green
  • Made in Japan

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