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PERPANEP x Platinum, Preppy, Fountain Pen

PERPANEP x Platinum, Preppy, Fountain Pen

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A fountain pen from the PERPANEP series. Made in collaboration with Platinum Pen Co., Ltd.'s Preppy which has sold a total of over 10 million pieces.

The flexible thin metal nib conveys the fine irregularities of the base paper to your hand. 

Equipped with a slip-seal mechanism that prevents ink from drying out and also prevents ink from spurting out when the cap is opened and closed.

● Water-based dye ink
● Materials:
(pen tip) stainless steel
(shaft / cap / clip) PC
(grip) PMMA
● External dimensions (shaft diameter / length): φ13 / 138
● Specifications: Fine
● Ink color: Black
● Cartridge: SPN-100A/SPSQ-400


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