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Pilot, Kakuno, Extra Fine / Fine / Medium Nib

Pilot, Kakuno, Extra Fine / Fine / Medium Nib

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Kakuno is a nice fountain pen suitable even for people who use fountain pen for the first time.

Entire pen body shape is hexagon, like wooden pencil, to prevent unexpected rolling. Its grip part is in triangular shape so that the three fingers can grip to the right position naturally. Smiling face engraved on pen nib should always face the writer when writing in the right position.

  • Includes a pen with cap, black ink cartridge, and an instruction manual
  • Compatible with CONVERTER-40 (available separately) or IC-50
  • Choice of Extra Fine / Fine / Medium Steel Nib


Kakuno pen is awarded Good Design award.

Kakuno pen is also awarded “Fountain Pen Award” in the Japanese Stationery Award (文房具屋さん大賞) 2023. 

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