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PINE BOOK, Movie Log / Film, Stickers

PINE BOOK, Movie Log / Film, Stickers

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Includes 1 sheet of sticker sheet.  It can be peeled off easily if you need to.

Fill in the movie you want to watch / the movie you watched and stick it in your notebook or journal!

Are you one of those who think
"It's too troublesome to handwrite everything!", or
"I want make my journal more cute!", or
"I want to try the bullet journal, but I don't know how to do it!" ?
If so, this sticker sheet is made JUST FOR YOU!

    • Includes 1 sheet
    • Package Size : 165 x 85mm
    • Body size : 145 x 85mm
    • Material : Paper
    • Brand: PINE BOOK
    • Made in Japan

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