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Platinum, Chou Kuro (超黒), 60ml Ink

Platinum, Chou Kuro (超黒), 60ml Ink

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The "blackest black" ink in Platinum Pen's history of over 100 years

With the growing interest in fountain pen inks in recent years, the variation of ink colors is also increasing. In response to the customers' request for a blacker ink, Platinum Pen has developed a new ink that is the best black ink ever in its long history of 104 years since its founding.

The new ink, whose blackness has been proven by numerical values, offers an excellent visibility with a clear and intense black color, allowing you to keep memories and records on paper.

In addition, it prevents the ink bleeding through onto paper while also being highly water-resistant and fade-resistant after writing, making the ink ideal for writing letters, journals and anything else you want to last a lifetime. Enjoy the true black color like never before.

- Ink: Pigmented carbon ink
- Capacity: 60ml
- Box size: 39.5mm× 56mm× 63mm
- Includes Chou Kuro bottle ink with reservoir and instruction manual.

※When cleaning the pen nib after using Chou Kuro ink, use purified water available at pharmacies, etc. Avoid washing it with tap water as it reacts with minerals contained in the water and makes it difficult to remove the stains.

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