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**Pre-Order** PLATINUM, Sakura (桜), #3776 Century Kaga Hira Maki-e (加賀平蒔絵), Fountain Pen F/M/B Nib

**Pre-Order** PLATINUM, Sakura (桜), #3776 Century Kaga Hira Maki-e (加賀平蒔絵), Fountain Pen F/M/B Nib

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This Platinum Sakura pen has a black resin cap and barrel with an Urushi finish and Maki-e painting. It shows a beautiful scene of cherry blossoms.

This pen is gold trimmed and it comes with a very smooth-writing 14k gold nib.

Maki-e is an ancient Japanese lacquer technique that utilizes Urushi lacquer to decorate the pen by the hand of artisans or the descendants of maki-e masters.

It is a technique that a gold powder is sprinkled over after undercoating, painting and coloring so as to obtain a luxury and three dimensional look, that entirely unlike a printed pattern.

The quality of maki-e largely depends on the work process of undercoating and top coating that affect the total outcome, and finally the polishing of the surface to make it flat after the top coating determines the quality of the final work. The technique gives an incredibly detailed and unique appearance to the designs, whilst also making them very durable.

<Other features>
Like the other 3776 pens, the cap features a unique "Slip and Seal" mechanism in the cap, meaning an airtight screw-on cap that prevents ink from drying out. Other fountain pens can dry out in as little as 2–4 weeks without use, but Platinum's Slip and Seal cap prevents dryout for over a year without use. Meanwhile, a newly redesigned nib and feed regulate the ink flow.

- Packaged in Platinum wooden gift box with a raw finish.
- Include a Platinum converter for bottled inks and an ink cartridge.
- Length: 139.5mm, Diameter: 8.7 – 12.6 mm max
- Weight: 24g

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