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SAILOR, Drizzle (霧雨), Shikiori (四季織), The Sound of Rain (雨音), Fountain Pen MF Nib

SAILOR, Drizzle (霧雨), Shikiori (四季織), The Sound of Rain (雨音), Fountain Pen MF Nib

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This is a "Sound of Rain" fountain pen from the SHIKIORI series for Autumn.

A gentle misty rain. Tiny droplets of water dampening withered leaves and
color faded fallen leaves.

  • Material: 
    Cap top and Barrel end:PMMA Resin 
    Cap, Barrel and gripping section:AS Resin matt finished
  • Type: Converter & Cartridge type
  • Nib: 21K Gold with Bicolor plating (pre-2022 version)
  • Nib Size: MF
  • φ17×124mm (Including clip)
  • Comes in a box
  • Include 2 cartridges with black ink, and an empty converter
  • Made in Japan

  • [The Sound of Rain]

    The series portray the changing appearance of plants and trees throughout the seasons with scenes of rain and its aftermath.

    Plants and trees sprout in spring, grow thick in summer, bear fruit in autumn, and sleep in winter. The rain makes noise as it falls on these plants and trees. The drops of water shine and the rain blurs our vision. The blessings of rain and dew moisten all living things.

    [What is SHIKIORI?]
    A series of writing instruments where you can feel the four seasons woven by Japanese nature.

    The repeating season is a series of moments. For more than a thousand years, people have sung and painted seasonal scenes.

    In order to make your daily life richer, we will deliver the seasons of Japan blessed with nature in the form of colorful writing instruments.

    Even if you look at the same color, the scenery you imagine is different for each person. 

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