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SAILOR, hocoro Dip Pen, Exchangeable Nib Fude

SAILOR, hocoro Dip Pen, Exchangeable Nib Fude

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This is one Fude nib pen tip (without pen body). The width of the line written would change when you hold the pen at different angle.  

With hocoro pen barrel, it is a pen with a fountain pen tip that makes it easier to use bottle ink.  You can easily change the ink colour just by lightly washing the pen tip with water. As you can change ink colour without hassles, you can enjoy a lot of fun with different ink colours.

- Pen nib: Stainless Steel, fude (angled)
- Material: POM Resin
- Size: φ8×30.6mm
- Package size: W48xD19xH71mm

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