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Sanby, eric Date Stamp

Sanby, eric Date Stamp

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Date stamp with the cute illustration by the famous eraser stamp designer / illustrator  Eric (Hello,Small Things! eric). It can be used to add cute decoration to your schedule journal and notebook.  If you leave the date part blank, it can also be used as a frame. 

It is not a pre-inked stamp.  Separate ink pad is needed to use with it.  

Date is from year 2019 to 2030.

Comes with a plastic case.

- Stamp Surface Size:
(L) 36mm x 36mm
(M) 24mm x 24mm
(S) 18mm x 18mm

- Stamp Size:
(L) H147×W38×D38 mm
(M) H127×W27×D29 mm
(S) H103×W24×D24 mm

- Case Size:
(L) H157×W44×D50 mm
(M) H134×W40×D35 mm
(S) H113×W32×D31 mm

- Material: ABS ・Stainless Steel, Rubber

- Made in Japan

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