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Shachihata, Iromoyo Ink Pad (いろもよう), 63×40mm

Shachihata, Iromoyo Ink Pad (いろもよう), 63×40mm

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“Iromoyo” is a stamp ink pad recommended for stamp art. By using oil-based pigment-based ink created from Shachihata's unique nanotechnology and a pad surface cloth made of ultra-fine fibres, it is possible to show clearly delicate patterns, making it the perfect ink pad for creating works of art using eraser stamps and rubber stamps.

It dries quickly and is bright and clear!
Uses oil-based pigment ink created from Shachihata's unique nanotechnology. In addition to the speedy drying time, it can achieved vivid, clear, and deep imprints.

Ink sticks firmly with just a light press
The use of a board surface cloth made of ultra-fine fibers provides excellent durability, and a clear imprint can be obtained simply by pressing lightly on the board surface. Ink on the stamp can be wiped off with a tissue moistened with water.

Pad does not dry easily
Even with the lid open, the pads will not dry out easily. Since there is no need to frequently open and close the lid, it is convenient for creating art works.

Space-saving because it can be stacked for storage
Stamp pads can be stacked on top of each other for space-saving storage.

- For use on paper
- Oil-based pigment
- Acid-Free
- Water-Resistant
- Light-Resistant
- Made in Japan

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