Tombow, Smoky White 0.38mm, MONO graph Lite Oil-Based Ballpen

Tombow, Smoky White 0.38mm, MONO graph Lite Oil-Based Ballpen

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Introducing the "Monograph Lite", a ballpoint pen from the Monograph series that pursues ease of writing.
The synergistic effect of the high-precision needle tip and ultra-low viscosity oil-based ink realizes a surprisingly smooth writing feel.

High precision needle tip
5.2mm needle tip ensures a wide field of view, easy to write even fine letters. Despite thin tip, the machined needle shape provides high strength.

Synergistic effect of an ultra-low viscosity ink and high-precision needle tip results in the ultimate smooth writing experience.

High density texturized grip
Unique grip surface texture reduces finger slippage allowing a firm grip even with light force. Suppresses stickiness of rubber grips resulting in a dry and comfortable grip.

Ball diameter: 0.38mm 
Ultra-fine 0.38 mm diameter balls (line width approx. 0.21 mm).

- Replacement refill: BR-KNU33 (sold separately)
- Ink: oil-based black ink
Material: PC resin, elastomer, ABS resin
- MONO graph Lite Ballpoint Pen won 2021 Good Design Award and Red Dot Award

Precaution for Use
・ Avoid writing with the pen tip facing upward from the horizontal. It may cause ink leakage.
・ Do not leave in direct sunlight or in places with high temperatures.
・ Be sure to retract the pen tip when not in use or carrying to avoid staining clothing.
・ Forcibly opening may damage the clip.
・ Keep out of reach of children.
・ Do not use for anything other than writing on paper.


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