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uni-ball ONE F, Black Ink, 0.38mm

uni-ball ONE F, Black Ink, 0.38mm

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The gel pen uses ink with the new beadspack pigment developed by uni-ball.  The absorption of the ink on paper is well controlled, making the colors more vivid and clear, and black color darker.  

It is shown in a study in Japan that students can remember better using notes written with darker black ink by uni-ball ONE pen than notes written with other normal gel pen.

The pen body design is simple and minimalistic, giving a calm feeling to the user.

  • Pen body color: Faded Black / Gray / Pink / Yellow / Blue / Green / Red
  • Ink Color: Black
  • Tip Size: 0.38mm
  • Suitable Refill (sold separately): UMR-38SUMR-05S
  • Made in Japan
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