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Tsukineko, Versa Magic, Dew Drop Ink Pad

Tsukineko, Versa Magic, Dew Drop Ink Pad

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The Dew Drop Shape Design

Dew Drop is designed in innovative shape so that it can be comfortably held at any angle.

The hardness of the pad is adjusted to make it ideal for "Direct to Paper" techniques. 

The shape of the ink pad has a pointed edge on one end, and a broad edge on the other, which makes it easy for you to applied directly on paper for different designs. You can even smudge out different colors and create a gradient background color effect.

Pointed edge also makes it easy to precisely apply multiple colors onto one stamp.

Storage Friendly

The small size is perfect for storing.  It does not take up a lot of space even if you have multiple colors.  

The case is designed to be easily stacked-up. It has a color indicator label on the side which makes it easy to find the colors you want even when the pads are stacked up.  


The air-tight cap prevents premature drying of pad (push down tightly on cap to seal.) 

The Ink

Water-based pigment ink in archival quality.  High opacity ink works wonderfully even on dark paper.

Color available in a wide range of colors. Perfect for use in combination with photos and ideal for scrapbooking.

Suitable material

Uncoated paper, coated paper, vellum, photo,
leather(tanned leather), unpainted wood, polymer clay, shrink plastic, terracotta

Drying time

10 - 15 minutes on uncoated paper. Drying time will increase on coated papers. Varies based on surface / material, humidity, etc.

Embossing For normal (porous) paper, chances of not being able to stick embossing powder due to fast drying of ink.


  • Cover after use. Exposure to air will cause the inkpad to dry out. 

  • Dimension: W33 x D50 x H22mm (Pad surface) 24 x 39mm

  • Material / component: PVC /Pigment Ink

  • Made in Japan

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