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YAMATO, Clip Memo Tape + Magnet (テープノクリップフセン), 15mm×10m

YAMATO, Clip Memo Tape + Magnet (テープノクリップフセン), 15mm×10m

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Sticky tape that is compact in size and convenient to carry around.  Comes with a matching color holder and cutter, with clip that can be clipped onto file or notebook (optimal thickness: 0.4-2.5mm). Also comes with a hidden magnet on the inside of the holder so you can stick it on your fridge or steel desk.  Convenient to use at both home and office.

Backside of the tape is wholly adhesive.  It can be effortlessly peeled off and re-sticked, and can be written on. By sticking it on the edge of your notebook and folding it in half, it can also be used as index sticker.

This product was awarded the "Good Design Award" in 2020.

    • Single roll
    • Width: 15mm 
    • Length: 10m
    • Brand: YAMATO
    • Material: 
      (Tape)  High-quality paper 
      (Adhesive) Acrylic
      (Holder, Cutter, Clip) PS
      (Magnet) neodymium

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