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Zebra Mildliner, Gentle Mild Colors (やさしさマイルド色), 5 Colors Set

Zebra Mildliner, Gentle Mild Colors (やさしさマイルド色), 5 Colors Set

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Soft, gentle, mild-colored line markers with dual head. Ideal for accenting notebooks, diaries and documents. One pen for both thick and fine writing. A set of 5 colors that is convenient for storage and carrying around.

Colors are mild and subtle and would not interfere the text you want to highlight.

Developed for those who want to organize their notes neatly, this color set includes common highlighter colors such as pink and yellow but with a gentler shade. The tone of the page is easy to put together and it does not interfere with the written text, making it a study notebook that is easy to look back on later.

  • Include 5 mildliner marker pens

  • Line Width: 4.0mm and 1.0-1.4mm

  • Ink Type: Water-based pigment Ink

  • Colors: MIld Soda Blue, Mild Sorbet Yellow, Mild Baby Pink, Mild Lilac, Mild Honey Orange (マイルドソーダブルー・マイルドシャーベットイエロー・マイルドベビーピンク・マイルドライラック・マイルドハニーオレンジ)

  • Pen Size: dia 11.5 × 141.5mm

  • Made in Japan

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