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Zebra Mildliner, Natural Mild Colors (ナチュラルマイルド色), 5 Colors Set

Zebra Mildliner, Natural Mild Colors (ナチュラルマイルド色), 5 Colors Set

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Soft, gentle, mild-colored line markers with dual head. Ideal for accenting notebooks, diaries and documents. One pen for both thick and fine writing. A set of 5 colors that is convenient for storage and carrying around.

Colors are mild and subtle and would not interfere with the text you want to highlight.

Developed for people who want to draw illustrations in notebook and journals, the color set is based on the trendy subdued color tone, allowing both highlighting and various illustration drawings.

  • Include 5 mildliner marker pens

  • Line Width: 4.0mm and 1.0-1.4mm

  • Ink Type: Water-based pigment Ink

  • Colors: Mild Olive, Mild Cool Gray, Mild Beige, Mild Dusty Pink, Mild Cream (マイルドオリーブ・マイルドクールグレー・マイルドベージュ・マイルドダスティピンク・マイルドクリーム)

  • Pen Size: dia 11.5 × 141.5mm

  • Made in Japan

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