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Kuretake, Karappo Pen (Empty Pen), Fine Brush

Kuretake, Karappo Pen (Empty Pen), Fine Brush

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Karappo Pen is a pen with empty container.  You can make your own pen by filling up the empty container with ink in your favorite color.

  • Tip: Brush Type

  • Dimension: 12×50×190 mm 

  • Material:
    Body : PP/Cap : PP/End cap : PP/Tip : POM/Ink reservoir : PP・PEs

  • Made in Japan

The amount of ink required to fill the Karappo-pen is approximately 2-2.5 ml.

It is recommended that you use ink created with "Ink-Café at Home" (sold here) with Karappo Pen.  If you use ink other than those created with "Ink-Café at Home", there is a possibility that the ink will not flow smoothly through the pen tip, resulting in blockage, etc.

Note that once the end plug is inserted firmly, it cannot be removed. The ink inside is non-refillable.

Karappo Pen is awarded the "Stationery Store Grand Prize 2021" (文房具屋さん大賞2021).

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